Journée du GERPISA – 22/01/2021

« Lavorare in fabbrica oggi » – An inquiry on working conditions at FCA-CNH

Journée du Gerpisa n°:  259

Date:  22 January, 2021 – 14:00 – 17:00

Online/En ligne/Zoom
International seminar in English

The event will launch the book Lavorare in fabbrica oggi. Inchiesta sulle condizioni di lavoro in Fca/Cnh, result of a collective research conducted by the Fondazioni Di Vittorio and Sabattini, together with FIOM/CGIL (published by Fondazione Feltrinelli, 2020).The book revives the practices of a workers’ inquiry to describe the lived experience of assembly work at FCA/CNH today. Based on an extensive survey, it illustrates the main results of a field research conducted on working conditions at FCA-CNH Group plants in Italy.In particular, it analyses the consequences of the change in work organisation following the transformation in the collective bargaining system and the introduction of organisational (Ergo-UAS and WCM) and technological innovations. Ultimately, the book aims to highlight the critical aspects of these changes from the workers’ point of view.  

Lavorare in fabbrica oggi – Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli (


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