28th Gerpisa International Colloquium / Virtual Conference – 22/06 au 03/07/2020

This is a virtual conference due to the cancellation of our 2020 Detroit International Colloquium following the Covid 19 crisis and lockdown. It takes place on gerpisa.org. We have 40 video presentations organised in 12 sessions and all accessible below. To upload the papers and the slides you need to have an account on gerpisa.org. gerpisa.org members can also post comments and ask questions on each presentation: log in, click on the title of the session you would like to comment on and you will access the comment section at the bottom.

Starting on Tuesday June 30 and ending on Friday July 3rd we will also organise a series of live round tables on the impact of the Covid crisis on the automotive industry in different regions and countries. More details to come.

Online programme : http://gerpisa.org/node/6100

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