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Journée du GERPISA – 14/02/2020

14 février- 15 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

The norwegian policy to promote electromobility – a model to follow?

Avec :

Senior Research Economist at the Institute of Transport Economics, Department of Economics and Logistics, Oslo, Norway


Vendredi 14 février 2020 (15h00-17h00)
Au CCFA, 2 rue de Presbourg, 75008 Paris (métro et RER Charles de Gaulle Etoile)


At GERPISA and well beyond we have always been intrigued by the Norwegian « success » in the electrification of passenger car sales. In a way, from a car sales perspective, Norway today is what the European Union would like to be in 2030. This presentation will give an opportunity to assess the policies that have been implemented in Norway over the past decade, and their impact. What are the real figures? Have these policies been consensual? What type of resistances/controversies have they raised? How much did they cost? Are they cost effective?
Another concern is the reproducibility of the Norwegian policies in other European states – in other words, is Norway a model to follow?
Transport economist Paal Brevik Wangsness will walk you through the major parts of the Norwegian electric vehicle story. Spoiler alert: This story is very policy-driven.
Paal will first present status and trends in Norwegian passenger transport, with emphasis on the fast-growing EV sales. Then he will go through the evolution of Norwegian polices and other characteristics of the economy that have brought Norway to this point. There is no doubt that the tremendous growth in EV sales has been a major policy goal achievement, but it has come at a cost. The major costs are foregone government revenue, but there are also other costs for the economy as a whole. Some of the policies have been controversial, largely due to their distributive properties. Many lessons have been learned, and there is room for improvement. And other countries wishing to catch up with Norwegian EV market shares, can learn some things about what to do and what not to do.


Date :
14 février
Heure :
15 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min
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2 rue de Presbourg
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