Prénom: Alexandra
Titre: MCF
Laboratoire: CEARC
Site web du laboratoire :
Discipline(s): Ethnologie, préhistoire, anthropologie biologique
Axes de recherche: Prédation de l'Homme sur l'environnement (axe 2)
Objets de recherche: From 1994, more than 8 years of community-based fieldwork in Siberia (among Evenk, Even, Yakut and Nanaj indigenous peoples) – reindeer herder, hunter, fishermen and gatherers.
Research interests: Comparative studies of nomadic hunting and reindeer herding – Landscapes management: economics of the nomads, management of landscape, microclimates and animal/vegetal resources; Representations of the natural environment – material and immaterial components of humans and animals; ritual practices (shamanism and neo-rituals/festivals); Contemporary economic and social adaptations (brought on by postsocialism, the market economy and climate change; Climate Change – economic, politic, social and religious consequences among reindeer herders, hunters and salmon fishermen.
Techniques de recherche: Anthropological field methods: participant observation, open, semi-opened interviews, elicitation from photo/video material, fieldwork collectively with IP representatives
Knowledge co-production: co-conception, co-management of projects and co-research/analyse and co-writing with indigenous peoples from Siberia.
Indigenous Community-based observatories in Siberia
Siberian Indigenous Languages: records in natives languages, transcribed and translated in Elan software
Transdisciplinarity: bridging Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences (Climatology, Biology, ..) and Indigenous Peoples Knowledge

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